Saved From Myself

Strawberry milk the best ever xxxx

Strawberry milk the best ever xxxx

I can’t deal with this….


Weird to think that this time last year I hated everything about myself and I hated everyone around mostly afraid of everyone and anyone but now I got new and old friends and a boyfriend who adores me and tbh I quite greatful to the certain person in highschool that practically saved my life otherwise I wouldn’t be here today with my handsome boyfriend xxxx

Update of my life

Mother is in a nagging mood today so I’m getting a bit annoyed and frustrated and tbh I think in the end I’m end up screaming at her and then everything will go tits up lool on the bright side college tomorrow….finally get to see my boyfriendxXx

feeling quite strange today

i possibly maybe in a happy state of mind for now until i go back to college and become frightened of everything and everyone apart from my boyfriend oh dear i need  to really sort this crap out before it takes over my life uch a fi xxx

Me with red hair x

Me with red hair x

haven’t done a post in a while

ll life has been good so far got a boyfriend hahaha me lol xxxx


Missing my other half terribly but on the upside college tuesday and I will be able to see my bestfriend again!!!!!!! :)